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In English we're looking at two texts this term:


The Odd Egg


The core learning objectives that we've covered whilst reading The Odd Egg include: 

  • To use noun phrases to describe and make predictions.
  • To use a range of sentence types to speak in role.
  • To use adjectives to describe a characters’ feelings.
  • To use contractions to give advice.
  • To make noun phrases to describe.
  • To write statements in role as a character.
  • To make predictions about what will happen next in a story.
  • To create words using phonic patterns.
  • To turn notes into sentences.




Stanley's stick

The core learning objectives that we'll cover whilst reading Stanley's stick include:

  • To predict the events and outcomes in a story.
  • To segment words with adjacent consonants.
  • To predict a story ending.
  • To sequence the main events in a story
  • To retell a known narrative.
  • To innovate on a known story.
  • To create a noun phrase to describe.
  • To plan an alteranative story based on a known sequence of events.
  • To section a story into paragraphs.
  • To edit for consistent tense.
  • To publish a story.


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