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Year 2

Welcome to St. Saviour's Year 2 Website

Summer Term

This Term the Year 2 level will be researching different 'Islands' located within the United Kingdom and from around the world. We will learn about island characteristics and we will be focusing on what it would be like to visit and live on some of the different islands that are located around the globe.



We will also be learning all about plants, their characteristics and investigating the different types of plants at our school and homes. 



Class Books 

A book that the class will be using this Term to help us learn about our topic will be 'Gregory Cool' written by Caroline Binch. This story will help us to develop an understanding of island life and how it is different to the way we live.



'Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers', written by Mairi Hedderwick is another book that will help us to develop a good understanding of island life and the different features that make living on an island unique.


Please remember to keep reading every night at home to help you to improve as a reader.



Please remember to keep practicing Mathletics to help you get better at Math

Click here to open Mathletics


If you feel like an extra challenge, here are some other fun math games for you to play to make sure you keep improving in your maths

Please click on theclink below

Maths Playground


 If you would like some extra information about any math topic we have learnt about at school, or you are interested to teach yourself something new, you can do some of your own research using the website below. The link below will open a page for you to search most math topics. You can read the information and look at the examples to help you.

Maths is fun website


We have a small number of places in Year 1 and Year 4. Please call us or email to enquire further.