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Year 2

Thank you for taking the time to visit our 'Very Busy Page'. We are a very busy class
therefore, we are the 'Busy Bees' of St Saviour's Primary School. 

Welcome back to school. Now we are in Spring term we are sure to see the Busy Bees start to buzz as the weather gets warmer.

From week 3 we are beginning to read The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson. This will link with our work with our class topic as we begin to look at nocturnal animals.



We will start by predicting what the book might be about as well as re-telling and sequencing events from the book.

In the first two weeks of this term we will be looking at poetry. To help us we will be using The Puffin Book of Fantastic First Poems by June Crebbin.



Here is a small example poem about jelly:


Two jellies had a wobbling race
To see who was the wibbliest.
Then the sun came out and melted them
And made them both the dribbliest.

The book is full of poems about animals, food, holidays, fantasy creatures and all sorts of different topics that are sure to engage the children.


Click here for a game about shapes with 3 levels of difficulty.

20th March 2015

This term the Busy Bees have started using the internet to research information. Alongside this they have been learning e-safety and responsible internet usage rules. Many of the children know and use Google very often.

A child friendly search engine called 'KidRex' is a good opportunity to access sites that are child friendly. The search engine is powered by Google but only includes results for children. While it might not be completely fail-safe, it does give children an opportunity to access age appropriate information online. Click on the picture below to visit the website.

13th March 2015

Today the busy Bees celebrated Red Nose Day along with the rest of St. Saviour's. All the children came to school wearing red and many of them took the time to wear a red nose, a costume or even some face paint!


6th March 2015

Such a busy week for the Year 2 Busy Bees. Apart from creating and performing in their own class assembly the children have also been practicing for the upcoming Lambeth Music festival, a performance they will be taking part in with 2,500 other children from all over the borough. Click on the link below to see some of the songs they will singing.

27th February 2015

After a restful half-term break the Year 2 Busy Bees had a visit to the popular Horniman museum. At the museum the children engaged in an 'Animals and their Habitats' workshop that gave them the opportunity to touch real animals from all over the world. As well as exploring the natural history gallery the children visited the aquarium to observe sea animals and frogs. See the pictures below for an insight into our class trip.

13th February 2015

On Tuesday (10/02) the Busy Bees went to the Connected Learning Centre (CLC) at Clapham Old Town. While there they learnt how to give commands to a robot by using a Bee Bot. They needed to give commands to the Bee Bot to complete different tasks, a challenge that all the children thoroughly enjoyed. The picture below is a link that will take you to a Bee bot simulator. Challenge yourself and have a go at commanding the bee to do different movements!


6th February 2015

On Monday the Busy Bee children went to Ruskin Park to explore the local animals and micro-habitats. The trip was a great success (despite the chilly weather!) as they used iPads to take photos and document any micro-habitats that they could find. These photographs also form the basis of our ICT unit this term; the children take photos and edit them before submitting them to the class portfolio. See the gallery below for a few photographs of our trip.

30th January 2015

This week the children explored 3D shapes. We made nets and learnt how to find the number of faces, edges and vetices of a 3D shape. Also we used wooden sticks to create a prism and a pyramid to show how the two shapes are different (a prism is the same at both ends but a pyramid has a vertex at the top). Look at some photos below to see our creations.

23rd January 2015

This week the students used a website called Geoboard. It uses coloured bands to make geometric shapes. It is handy for helping students to create 2D shapes and for counting the number of sides. Click on the picture below to visit the website. There is also a free Geoboard app on the iTunes store that works excellently on iPads.


We have a small number of places in Year 1 and Year 4. Please call us or email to enquire further.