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Year 5

Welcome back!

Let's make the spring term amazing!

This term in year 5 we will be learning about a variety of things. 
To start the term off we will be looking at The Highway Man poem by Alfred Noyes 

Click on the book cover below to see a youtube link of what the year 5 class in 2009 produced.


The Highwayman Year 5

Year 5

We started having a look around some interesting art galleries from all over the world. Have a look for yourselves at home-your parents might want you to take them on a tour of a gallery in AUSTRALIA or RUSSIA!

Then click on collections. Remember to only select the one with a little person so you can get the 3D tour of the gallery.

Mathletics is still going this term. Click the link below and try to beat your friends in class or challenge yourself and play against people from around the world.



Check out the links below to learn more about the Earth, Sun and the Moon.



This term in Year 5 we are looking at many different things. Please see the termly letter at the bottom of the page.

Our main topic is
-a West African country.



In English our book is The Viewer by Gary Crew and Shaun Tan.


We have a small number of places in Year 1 and Year 4. Please call us or email to enquire further.