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Art / DT

Making Pizzas

Key disciplines: DT - Food Technology


Aims:  To make healthy pizzas

Outcomes: To plan and create their own healthy pizzq

In this project, children will revisit the different food groups and learn about how to create a balanced meal. They will design a healthy pizza based on a set of criteria: 

  • the pizza must have a base
  • they must contain vegetables
  • they must be healthy
  • they must be colourful
  • they must be tasty
  • they should have items from each food group

They will prepare their toppings using a range of methods: peeling, slicing and grating, 


Key questions they will be asked to think about: What ingredients are healthy? What would make the best base? What kitchen tools do I need to create my pizza? How to make sure my pizza is healthy?


Themes: Healthy, vegetables, food groups, food hygiene



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