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Throughout this term the children will be exploring and focussing on a range of skills of themes, skills and artists.


Key Disciplines:  Printmaking (Stencil/Screen Print), Collage

Themes: Collage, Printmaking, Egyptian Painting, Bayeux Tapestry, Collaging with Cut Elements, Stencils, Masks and Lines

Aims:  To enable pupils to respond to a painting from another culture or era, using visual literacy skills to come to their own understanding of the artwork. 

Outcomes: Children then go on to make their own creative response to the original painting, using layering of shape, colour and line using printmaking and drawing.


Key Skills:


  • I can explore an artwork through looking, talking and drawing.
  • I can use the “Show Me What You See” technique to help me look closely, working in my sketchbook making drawings and notes using pencils and pens.
  • I can cut shapes directly into paper, using scissors, inspired by the artwork. 
  • I can collage with my cut elements, choosing colour, shape and composition to make my own creative response to the artwork.
  • I can add to my collage, using line, colour and shape made by stencils. 
  • I can explore negative and positive shapes.
  • I can take photographs of my work.
  • I can share my work with my class. I can reflect and share what I like, and what I would like to try again. I can look at the work of my classmates and give useful feedback through class or small group discussion.



Key Artists

Henry Matisse 

Romare Bearden

Claire Willberg



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