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Keeping Safe

In this unit, we will be covering these themes:

Safe and unsafe secretslearn some examples of safe and unsafe secrets and think of safe people who can help if something feels wrong.


Appropriate  touchfind out about the difference between touches that are ok and not ok and identify a safe person to tell if I felt ‘not OK’ about something.


Medicine Safetyexplain that medicines can be helpful or harmful, and discuss examples of how they can be used safely.


Rights and Respect

This unit cover these topics:

  • Getting on with others - strategies for getting on with others in the classroom
  • When I feel like erupting - strategies for dealing with impulsive behaviour
  • Feeling safe - identify people in the school community who keep them safe; know how to ask for help
  • How can we look after our environment? Recognise they have a responsibility for looking after the school and wider environment
  • Money - understand people have choices about what to do with their money; know that money can be saved for use at a future time; explain how they might feel when they spend money on different things
  • Playing games (online safety)- keeping personal information private when playing online games and only talking to people they know in real-life online
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