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Growing and Changing

This unit cover these topics:


Being supportive - giving positive feedback to others


Dealing with loss - the range of feelings associated with losing (and being reunited) with a person they are close to


Life cycles - Growing and changing; stages from baby to adulthood, the basic needs of a baby


My Body, your body(body parts including genitalia)- identify which parts of the body are private; explain that a persons’ genitals help them make babies when they grow up; understand humans mostly have the same body parts but they can look different from person to person


Privacy - Explain what privacy means; know that you’re not allowed to touch someone’s private belongings (including body parts/genitalia) without their permission; give examples of different types of private information


Basic first aid - how to make a clear 999 call in an emergency; concepts of basic first aid to deal with common injuries, including head injuries


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