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What are we learning this term? 


Topic question: What do Sikh's believe?


What This Unit Teaches:

About the qualities that Christians hold and the distinctively Christian values that they live by. How Christian qualities support fame, you can be “famous” and also be a Christian, without having to compromise your faith.


Assessment Target 1: Learning about Religion

Focus: Beliefs, Teachings and Sources

-I know that Sikhism is one of the main religions of the world.

-I know about Guru Nanak and his importance in the Sikh faith.

-I know the story of the founding of the Khalsa.

-I know about the Amrit ceremony.

-I know the symbolism of the 5 Ks and their importance for Sikhs.



Assessment Target 2: Learning from Religion

Focus: Meaning, Purpose and Truth

-I can reflect on the Sikh statements of belief and compare them with those of other faiths.

-I can reflect on the qualities needed to be a good leader.

-I can reflect on the beliefs that Sikhs have about joining the Khalsa and compare it to their own experiences of belonging.


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