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Foundation Subjects

Spring 1




Key discipline: Drawing, Sketchbooks


Themes: To tell stories through drawing

                 To use text within our drawings to add meaning

                 To sequence drawings to help viewers respond to the story

                 To use line, shape, colour and composition to develop evocative and characterful imagery 

Aims:  To explore how to create sequenced imagery to share and tell stories.

Outcome: Pupils to use graphic novels and make a comic strip style telling of a piece of poetry.







Themes: A number of different activities first to revise and consolidate language covered in Early Learning units but also working towards a simple role-play, learning to both ask and answer the questions. Gradually adding on an extra question each week with an answer but still recycling previous language. There will be greater choice of written worksheets that require phrase level replies as well as word searches, word puzzles and crosswords. There will also be the opportunity to use prompt cards to help prepare for the final task of presenting ourselves! 

Aims:  Count to 20.  Say their name and age.  Say hello and goodbye and then ask how somebody is feeling and answer how they are feeling.  Tell you where they live.  Tell you their nationality and understand basic gender agreement rules. 

Outcome:  I can repeat all my personal details in Spanish, and ask for the same information back, without help or prompts.  I can say numbers 1-20 clearly in Spanish and I can now spell some of these numbers.  I can tell you my nationality and explain how the pronunciation changes according to whether I am a girl or boy.









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